An AI assistant to help keep tabs on your KPIs

Konrad helps companies avoid being blindsided by preventable failures and missed opportunities through data monitoring & timely recommendations.

Daily Briefings

Konrad helps you start off your day with a simple, but important question:

Is there anything new that deserves my attention?

Konrad delivers personalized KPI briefings to your email inbox or podcast player. These secure, data-driven summaries provide a succinct status update, outlining how your metrics are evolving and alerting you to anomalous activity which may require action.

Don't Search. Just Ask.

Avoid those "let me get back to you on that" moments. Konrad supports secure integrations for popular voice assistants, empowering your team to bring up values for any of your metrics, the moment you need them.

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Konrad is a product of Vocool Technologies, a conversational analytics company.

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